Steelers’ Diontae Johnson questionable to return vs. Browns after being victimized by hit that drew ejection


It was one of the most nauseating displays of unsportsmanlike be a move to Manchester United.The Barcelona-stars-family-rule-England.html”>Daily Mail says United’s pursuit of the Croatian has hit a wall, with his family not keen on moving to Manchester.The 31-year-old star is hopeful of staying at the Nou Camp buhavior seen on a football field in 2019  against the . Late in the third quarter, the safety lowered his head against a defenseless — who had no chance of catching the ball thrown to him — and that left Johnson down and completely out of sorts.

He was helped off of the field by the Steelers medical staff, clearly woozy, and . 

Johnson was initially being looked at under the blue medical tent, but that was short-lived. The Steelers now have him in the locker room undergoing concussion tests, and his status to return is questionable, which feels like a formality at this point. The nature and severity of the blow may cost Johnson more than just the rest of the game against the Browns, and the same might go for Randall.

If the front office reviews the footage and deems the offense worthy of a suspension, the Browns can expect that decision to come rather swiftly. It’s not the first helmet-to-helmet hit Cleveland landed against Pittsburgh, with top wideout having been knocked out of the game prior when his helmeterpool defender Joe Gomez insists there’ll be no relaxing from the Premier League leaders.Gomez insists every player wants to face Everton in Sunday’s FA Cup Merseyside derby as the feeling in the changing room is that no one wants to “chill” despite was sandwiched by the helmets of two separate defenders on a hit. 

This may be one of the most potent rivalries in the NFL, but there is no place in football for what Randall did, and that’s why he was sent to the showers -ok aim back at Pep Guardiola ahead of Sunday’s clash with Manchester City.Kop ace Sadio Mane was booked in Saturday’s 2-1 win at Aston Villa and City boss Guardiola said: “Sometimes, he’s diving.”But ahead of Sunday’s Anfield clash between the top – with the Steelers now concerned about the health of not one, but two of their wide receivers.

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