2018 NFL Draft: Giants reportedly view Saquon Barkley as ‘a near-perfect prospect’


The will control the direction of the 2018 . The are picking No. 1, of course, but pretty much everyone exprn Munich.Sport1 says the Argentine is high on Bayern’s agenda as they consider the future of coach Niko Kovac.For the moment, Kovac is not in danger of the sack, though pressure is growing.Bayern sports director Hasan Salihamidzic was already intereects them to take a quarterback with that selection before following it up with a player at a different position when they come on the board again at No. 1. Which means Giants hold a lot the cards at No. 2. 

Do they want to take a quarterback as well? Might they nab offensive lineman , helping solidify what has been a truly dreadful unit over the last couple of years? Could they take defManchester United legend Gary Neville blasted Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s players after their draw at Huddersfield Town.The 1-1 result ended United’s Champions League qualifying hopes.Neville blasted: “This is not a team. The more I watch, this it’s not a team.“Do you know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of the Tottenham team that Mauricio Pochettino picked up.“When it had (Emmanuel) Adebayor, (Younes) Kaboul, (Vlad) Chiriches and (Etienne) Capoue in midfield.“A group of players that looked like individuals, nothing there, no real spirit and he dismantled it piece by piece and Ole needs to dismantle this piece by piece.“It would be nice if the club got an experienced sporting director and recruit a team to help him.” He added: “Watch this Huddersfield team, they haven’t got the quality but I like watching them a lot more than watching the ones in the red shirts to be honest with you.“At least you can identify with them. Nothing about this United team I like at all. They’re just awful. They’re a despondent group of people.”ensive lineman in order to replace the departed ? Will they trade down in order to amass more picks and fill several holes on the roster?

Or will they stay put and become the third team in the last three years to ? According to the New York Post, that possibility might be more likely than any other. The Post reports that taking a quarterback and trading down are both unlikely, essentially narrowing down the options to Chubb and running back Saquew a 2-0 lead to lose 3-2 on Saturday.”It’s a bit too emotional right now, going up then going down,” said Højbjerg following the game.“But the big picture we can’t get away from is that we’ve done well and luckily we have an opportunity in three on Barley. 

The Giants view as a near-perfect prospect. They think he’s a better player than , who went No. 4 to the in 2016. All Elliott has accomplished is average 104.6 yards in his 25 NFL games, along with 22 rushing touchdowns in two seasons. He also has an entire offense built around him. The main difference? Barkley is a far superior pass-catcher. Plus, there are absolutely no character issues or concerns with Barkley.

“I thought all along this is the guy Dave wants,” said a national NFL scout who knows Gettleman from crossing paths with him on the road over the years. “And he might get him, if Cleveland is dumb enough not to take him at No. 1.”

There is no doubt North Carolina State defensive end Bradley Chubb is in the mix. His visit with the Giants went extremely well — he made a positive impact on everyone in the building by wearing a suit, giving off an ultra-professional vibe — and there is an understanding if they pass him up, there is not another pass-rusher remotely close to his level. There is also this: With his first two picks as the general manager of the , Gettleman selected defensive linemen. And this: Gettleman believes you win with big people. Chubb does not exactly classify as one of Gettleman’s “hog-mollies” — mainly because he is so darn talented — but he is a physical force on the defensive line.

The Post goes on to state that the Giants are unlikely to take Nelson at No. 2 because of positional value, which is strange given how devalued running backs have become around the . If positional value is at the forefront of the Giants’ concerns, then quarterback and defensive end would likely make the most sense. Given that is clearly coming up on the end of his career, it would not be surprising to see the Giants take a passer, but if they are not in love with whoever is left over after the Browns pick at No. 1, nabbing Chubb or trading down wouldn’t be bad fall-back options. 

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