49ers not happy about controversial pass interference call that helped Rams win


The and the surprisingly played on Thursday, and it’s actually a game the 49ers could’ve won if not for a controversial call with just minutes left in the game. 

After the 49ers scored a touchdown with 2:13 left to cut the Rams’ lead to 41-39, they failed on a two-point conversion that would’ve tied the game. At that point, the 49ers only had one shot at winning, and it involved recovering an onside kick, which is exactly what they did. 

After recovering the kick, the 49ers took over at the 50-yard line, and that’s where our controversy comes in. 

On ity boss Pep Clotet is urging Jude Bellingham to maintain his focus after talks with Manchester United this week.Belligham was at United’s Carrington training complex on Monday.Clotet lauded Bellingham’s professionalism, but says the young star cannoa third-and-10 play, 49ers quarterback found for wd Gilberto Silva.The 20-year-old has solidified his place in Unai Emery’s midfield this season, drawing praise over the maturity and tenacious of his performances.A strong midfielder in his heyday, Silva has been impressed by the emerging Frenchman.Hhat looked to be a potentially game-changing first down. However, the 11-yard gain was nullified after Taylor was called for offensive pass interference. 

If the play had counted, the 49ers would’ve gotten the ball at the Rams’ 39-yard line, which would’ve given kicker a chance to win with a 56-yard field goal, even if 49ers didn’t gain another yard. 

However, Gould never got a shot because the penalty left the 49ers with a third-and-20, andarri.Before Chelsea’s Europa League triumph last night, Souness questioned the hype around the Italian’s tactical approach.Souness told L’Equipe: “Do you think that Sarri is a tactical expert? Me, I don’t think so. I was coached by really famous co they completely flopped on their last two plays of the game. 

Following the loss. there were some players who weren’t too happy about the interference all. 

“I don’t want to get fined,” Hoyer said when . “In that time of the game, I mean, I’d think you would let people play.”

The 49ers quarterback then softened his stance a little bit, presumable because he doesn’t want to get fined. 

“I haven’t seen it. I’d have to go and watch the film,” Hoyer said. “You know what, you don’t want to leave it up to the ref’s hands anyways. You hope you make a few plays earlier in the game to change the outcome. If it comes down to that, then that’s what it is. That’s what the guy’s job is to do.”

As for Taylor, the 49ers wide receiver doesn’t seem to believe . 

“I ran the route the way it was called, the way that I always run it, felt good about it and it was a great play call,” Taylor told NBC Bay Area, via ESPN.com. “But the ref’s decision on that, that’s nothing I can comment on, so I’ll just leave it as it is.”

After the game, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan admitted that he didn’t see the play when it happened. However, he did hold a press conference on Friday, and by that point, he had gotten a chance to watch it. 

Shanahan gave a terse six-word response when he was asked what he saw on “the offensive pass interference” play. 

“I saw a very good route,” the 49ers coach said. 

Shanahan and his two players were very careful not to bash the refs, but they were clearly unhappy about the call. It’s easy to see why the team might be frustrated with the call. If the refs don’t throw the flag, then it’s very possible that the 49ers would’ve walked out of Levi’s Stadium with the first win of the Shanahan era and the the team’s first home win in over a year. 

The 49ers haven’t won at home since Week 1 in 2016 in a game that, coincidentally, was played against the Rams. 

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